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Dress Code and Rules  
  1. All students must come in House Uniform of specific colours (as instructed by respective House Masters) on every Saturday. The House Uniforms (the T-shirt & trousers or kurta/suit) are to be purchased from the open market before September 2014.
  2. Possession of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, smart phones, camera, iPods, mp3 players, pen drives, SD or MSD cards etc. is strictly prohibited inside the school campus. Students should not carry cash with them in school .
  3.  Girls are not allowed to wear costly / stylish ear rings / ornaments / hair puffs & spikes inside the school campus. Use of coloured/fashionable hair clips, nail polish, mehendi, kajal, cosmetics is also strictly prohibited inside the school campus. Nails (of both girls and boys) and hairs (of    boys) must be trimmed at regular intervals. Adoption of fashionable trend in hair style, dress, and makeup is also forbidden inside the school campus.
  4. They are allowed to use only hair bands and rubber bands that too in black or white. Girls (Class VIII onwards) should properly pleat and pin their dupattas. Low waist trousers are also prohibited for boys. 
  5. Wrist watches are not allowed upto class VIII.
  6. Celebration of Birthday in school (i.e. wearing coloured dress and distribution of toffees) is not permitted for students of class VII onwards. They must come in proper school uniform even on their birthdays.
  7. Students are not allowed to come to school by driving two wheelers. Bicycle users must lock their bicycles properly.
  8. Unwanted movement of students in the corridor is unacceptable. Students must ensure that they go to toilet / bathroom / office / staff room / Principal’s chamber alone and not in pairs or groups.
  9. Students must bring green vegetables & chapatti in their Tiffin on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, they are allowed to bring fried food items on Saturdays and normal Tiffin on other days.
  10. Use of unparliamentarily / abusive languages is treated as breach of discipline. Tampering with Smart Board and damaging of any school property (even in toilets and in bathrooms) are also a severe offence. Students must avoid such activities otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against them. Ragging or misbehave with other students are strictly prohibited.
  11. Students availing School Bus facility must commute only the bus number allotted in their Bus Pass. Boarding in other buses should be strictly avoided. Students must bring Bus Pass and Student’s Diary every day.
  12. 75% attendance of every student is compulsory otherwise he / she may not be allowed to appear in SA-II or Board Examinations and / or promoted to next class. In accordance with the latest circular of C.B.S.E., New Delhi, it has now become compulsory for all students to appear in both SA 1 & SA 2 and obtain more than 25% marks in both the examinations collectively.
  13. Last but not the least, the school campus is now under the surveillance of CCTV. It’s now time to take cautious steps and   cast off notoriety.


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