Bhandarkola Satar Road, Deoghar - 814114, Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. Affiliation No-3430162

Vision And Mission  

                                                                                             VISION AND MISSION

Geeta Devi DAV Public School, Bhandarkola, Satar Road, Deoghar has been rendering philanthropic service to the society with the lofty mission of imparting oriental wisdom and western science to the learners of this modern age since 1996. Under the aegis of DAV College Trust & Management Society, New Delhi- 55, Geeta Devi DAV Public School has successfully created a benchmark of quality education inculcating the sublime ideals of Swami Dayanand, Mahatma Hans Raj and Mahatma N.D. Grover. The unabated spirits of dedication, determination and dutifulness inspire the members of Geeta Devi DAV fraternity to work with full commitment to the cause of the institution. The congenial learning atmosphere in the evergreen vibrant campus, educationally innovated infrastructure and the scholarly faculties serve to fulfil the mission of the institution which is to enable the learners to be educationally bright, morally upright and economically self- reliant. Utilitarian education coupled with proper childcare fulfil the mission of modern pedagogy garnering the parents' faith in the system. The vision of the institution is to open up new horizons for the learners in the realm of scholastic and co- scholastic pursuits and to make them dream and act creatively. The ultimate goal the institution sets before all and sundry is to make everyone believe and act  in accordance with the highest philosophy preached by the Upnishad--

                       Sarve bhavantu sukhinah

                       Sarve santu niramayah

                       Sarve bhadrani pashyantu

                       Ma kashchit dukhbhag bhavet.


                      ( May all sentient beings be at peace,

                May no one suffer from illness,

                     May all see what is auspicious,

                May no one suffer.)

                                        G D DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL (Bhandarkola, Deoghar) Family

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